Ubercirlces – personalised pendants just for mum!

With valentines day around the corner I thought I’d share these.
There a so many different designs/sizes and you can mix gold and silver.
I love them! Hinting to hubby……




Special needs playground – Livvi’s place

I love this place, I’m sad we don’t live down the road anymore.

“Livvi’s Place, an initiative of the Touched by Olivia Foundation, was designed in consultation with leading academics, play, disability, and landscape experts and the local community, Livvi’s Place aims to dramatically reduce the barriers experienced by children with special needs and their families, helping to give them a level playing field for life.

Centrally located, Livvi’s Place was built for children with all forms of disability and from all parts of Sydney.  The playground’s unique design and equipment addresses the needs of children with various forms of disability including mobility, vision and hearing impairment as well as spectrum disorders such as autism.”

The park is located in Fivedock NSW



Beach time! swim nappies, sun shade + beach wheelchair

As my daughter is getting bigger we are finding it harder for her to access the beach. So my search for beach wheelchairs started a few weeks ago.
Some lifesaving clubs have them for you to use. Northcott also have them for hire.

The following is a list of places where they can be either borrowed for free or for a gold coin donation.



I love these swim nappies as they go up to a size 4, and my daughter is a size 6 and still fit in them. Easy to get on with snaps on one side.
You can also get the matching tops.
AND they’re Australian!




The Sunny Jim Shade is my favourite, looks much funkier than the boring old tents I’ve seen at the beach this summer.


Waterway Babies, hydrotherapy in your bathroom

I was introduced to this pool and neck ring by a lovely friend. My daughter loves the water so much I jumped on the website and ordered it straight away.

My daughter loved the pool from day 1 and I have never seen her move so much! Her legs were kicking like crazy. This is the only neck ring we have found that will actually float your child and keep their head above water. So you can actually let go of them and they will feel so free.
My daughter has now outgrown it, but we still use the ring at the beach and pool.

See photos below of my little model 🙂

They ship fast from the US and if you need any help Nancy is fantastic




Special Needs Wedgies!

I think we need these around for more awareness within the community!

Five active children with special needs promote positive awareness and role models during play.

  • Wedgie figures stand 4.5″ tall.
  • Toys can entertain and stimulate young minds and foster an interest in a particular area
  • Playing helps to develop a child’s social, emotional, language, intellectual, and problem-solving skills



Great nappy bag for 2 babies/kids or just lots of mummy bits!

I’ve been searching for a nappy bag to fit both my kids things, I need lots of room as both are still in nappies.
The Skip Hop Grand Central was the winner! I love the cinnamon colour.
It has so many internal and external pockets, one of the pockets is lined to protect your phone.
It also has the pram straps that make it so easy to attach, and it doesn’t feel heavy on your shoulder.
I divided the 3 sections into: one for me, and the other 2 for each child, so I don’t mix anything up anymore!

$110.46 + free shipping from: http://www.traveluniverse.com.au/Grand-Central-Take-it-All-Nappy-Bag-SkipHop.htm