Nest swing + sensory pop up tent

I love sensory rooms, but who has the space to build one at home??

Well I came across this pop up version which I love!

Pop open a sensory space on top of any bed! Privacy Pop opens like a tent and fits around the bed to provide a comforting sense of security and privacy. Supports kids and teens with sensory processing challenges and autism as well as those who share a room and need a smaller space for themselves. Dark color and dark interior aids calm, relaxation and sleep, and zip/mesh windows offer ventilation and light as needed. Port opening for electronic devices. Inner and outer zippers for ease of use. Waterproof. Folds for easy travel with carrying bag. 1 year limited warranty.

Can be used without a bed too.


My daughter cant use swings that most playgrounds have, some of these are starting to pop up at local playgrounds which is great!
I found a version you can install at home. Great for kids who cant sit up without support, or just great for siblings/friends to swing together.


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