Some very stylish baby products from BOON

I came across this brand in Toys r us and fell in love with their very stylish range immediately! And the green ties in nicely with my colour scheme at home.

There’s a huge green frog bath toy holder, who doesn’t like green tree frogs?? It’s functional and looks great and my daughter loves playing with the scoop. It has 3 ways you can attach to the wall, so if you’re renting you can use the suction cups which are super strong.

Then there’s my other favourite, LAWN! its a drying rack for bottles and glassware. I never have enough room on my dish drainer for all the bottles and cups etc.. this thing is fantastic and looks great also! It comes in 3 different sizes.

Next is a teething rusk holder, most kids like mine keep dropping them, well this genius idea holds the rusk and clips it onto their top! so no more dirty rusks.

Last but not least is the nappy caddy. I do most my nappy changes in the lounge room so I love this caddy, I just keep it on table and can kart it around the house if I need to







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