G-tube button pads, peg protectors

I found these online when my daughter got her peg and love them!
They keep the site clean and they can be washed and reused. They have saved me a lot of money as we started out using gauze from the hospital.
It’s great for keeping any tissue granulation under control and keeping the button nice and snug.

I also get asked about something to stop your child from playing/pulling on the button, so I’ve included a band/protector also.

They ship pretty quick from the US and you get a free wash bag on your first order.

Individual 2.5 inch G-Tube Pads Singles

Washable and Reuseable G-tube pads Sold in sets, or build your own. Single pads are made with flannel fabric on the outside with one layer of warm and natural batting in the middle with a plastic snap.


G-tube/PEG tube Protector/ Belly Band

The G-tube/ PEG protector is made out of swimsuit/dance material. It is nice for protecting the site from having the tube /PEG pulled on. It is also a nice protection from hands that like to play with their site. Pull on.


you can order them form here: http://store.juliasgtubepads.com/

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