Swings to soothe the soul

We all love swings, big and small!
When my daughter is having a bad day – and lately she seems to be having quite a few :(…. rocking motion seems to be the only thing that settles her, but she’s almost 20kgs, so my arms can’t take it for more than 20 mins! So the swing is our best friend, here are some great options I found.

Mexican style hammock, you could put a tomato chair liner or a gotoseat to help a child set upright if they need more support. A much cheaper option than most of the special needs swings. and also if you’re renting its a portable option. I like it for rainy days as I can move it inside.




For a much more special option the Soothe-A-Matic XL Motorized Swing

Soothing Motorized Movement For Children And Adults

Helping folks enjoy life with proven sensory stimulation therapy
Six years in the making we have designed this piece of equipment for a wide variety of uses.
Comes standard with a Four Foot Cedar Porch Swing or our wonderful Hammock

Or choose from  these other swings.

  • Full Body JennSwing
  • Wheelchair Platform
  • Larger size for Bed or Hammock coming soon




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