Tacpac® a great tool for sensory play

I was first introduced to this by my daughters palliative care play therapist when she was in ICU last. We already use a lot of sensory play with my daughter as she has vision problems. She also loves touch and movement.

This activity pack includes all of that, and best of all is great for children with complex sensory impairment and global development delay. 

It uses objects from around the home you most likely will already have. Or you can improvise and substitute objects.

I also love the idea of combining an activity with a song. Great for them to anticipate what’s coming next.

You can order the pack from the website, it comes as a CD pack and leaflets


TP-CDs-res10 laminates

National Toilet Map – great for finding disabled toilets!

This great site searches public and private toilet facilities throughout Australia.
You can use the filter to show disabled toilets. It also will tell you whether you need a MLAK key.
It will also show baby change facilities, male, female toilets.
Also available in iTunes for your mobile device.


Disabled parking protest

I love this idea!
I get so angry when some idiot thinks they have the right to park in a spot that makes life a little bit easier for my daughter and our family.

A few days ago in a parking lot in Lisbon wheelchair users and volunteers occupied all the available Non Handicap spaces to make a point to able body motorists what it is like to have “their” parking places unavailable to them.

On every wheelchair various notes were left like “be right back”, “it only takes a moment”, “I’m get something here”, etc.

It would be wonderful to do this at all shopping centres with about 300 chairs during the entire Christmas Week to get the point across to them


Wheelchair Doll

Its not exactly a disabled play set, but I think this is still a good step from our toy makers and distributors.

Its available at Toys R Us in Australia. $39.99