Accessible ice-skating – Amara on the ice!

I got this great idea from my favourite blog

I haven’t ice-skated in about 20 years so wasn’t really sure how this was going to work, but I am determined to let my daughter experience as many things as possible as her younger sister.

I rang ahead and made sure we could take the wheelchair on the ice and all I had to do was sign a waiver.
I got in for free with the companion card

I was pretty wobbly on the skates, but having the wheel chair helped stabilise me 🙂
I would suggest going early morning when its not so busy so you don’t run into anyone, unless you’re a confident skater.
And dress warm. You will be moving and get hot but the person in the wheelchair isn’t so they will get cold.
We went to our local rink at the Liverpool Catholic Club, they also have disco ice-skating at nights which I know my daughter will love.

They also had a playgroup on for an hour where the little ones can sit on chairs and build ice castles. They must have skates on also



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