Walking with Dinosaurs!!

The one good thing about my daughters medical conditions is the amazing things we get invited to. Last night was Walking with Dinosaurs @ Allphones Arena.

I was really excited for this show, maybe a bit more than the kids 🙂
A HUGE thank you to The Variety Club for the amazing complementary tickets. We really do get spoilt, thank you to Amara!
We were offered wheelchair seats which is great, and they had a great view.

The dinosaurs were amazing, the way they moved and the theatrics of the show just left me in awe of these majestic creatures. The dinosaurs are life size and the palaeontologist who narrated the show really did take you back to the dinosaur ages! It was very informative also, I learned a thing or two!

If you have kids, big or small I highly recommend going to see them, it is on till Sunday.


Dinosaurs 1 Dinosaurs 2 Dinosaurs 3 Dinosaurs 4 Dinosaurs 5 Dinosaurs 6

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