NRMA holiday park, accessible holiday on behalf of the Starlight Foundation!

We were lucky enough to be given 5 days free accommodation through the Starlight Foundation and NRMA. It was a midweek stay just before Easter which was perfect as we missed the crowds 😊

We stayed at one of the NRMAS holiday parks, in Umina Beach, just near Gosford. 

The park is fantastic! There is so much to do for kids. There are jumping pillows, a water park, pools with a water slide and a playground, and you’re right on the beach.

The park is filled with duck, lorikeets and cockatoos which come and feed out of your hands.

There are many different types of accomodation to suit all types. We stayed in a villa that was accessible. The villa has an accessible bathroom. They provided us with a shower chair, and all the benches and light switches were situated at a lower height for wheelchairs. 

They also informed us when we checked in that they had a beach wheelchair we could use to take our daughter to the beach. We have never used one before. We have always struggled to get her down to the beach in the past and have just carried her, but she is getting to heavy for that. The beach wheelchair was so easy to push on the sand and once it hits water it floats!! We took her right out into the ocean. She loved the movement of the waves.

Right outside the park is a great accessible playground. I have included some photos of the equipment below. They had a merry go round that you could wheel your wheelchair onto, it was broken at the time unfortunately. They had signs at each station pictured below also, it was very well thought out.

We would like to thank the Starlight Foundation and NRMA for a great holiday, we would recommend the park to anyone looking for a seaside getaway 😊


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