My favourite pieces of equipment from the ATSA Independent Living Expo Sydney

I went along to the ATSA Independent Living Expo Sydney and was really impressed by some of the new pieces of equipment I saw.

One of my Favourite suppliers, GTK rehab had a great big stand and some new things I love:
Now I really wanted one of these when I had my second baby as my daughter could not go into a standard stroller, it’s finally available, a Phil and Teds double stroller, the top part has all the great support you need: head support, pelvic support, lateral support. And underneath a snuggly spot for baby 🙂 The baby pod is removable.

A beach buggy of course! Who doesn’t love the ocean?

I love anything from Leckey!
This is my Favourite as my daughter uses it all day long, its great for side lying, tummy time and sitting.

This next stand really excited me as my daughter loves the swing! We had to get one shipped from America and its now not available anymore. These guys have a huge range of play equipment for special needs kids of all ranges.

The Tank 🙂

There were some cool trikes, the seat is moulded to your body shape.

Last but not least was the bed that turns you!!! – The Freedom bed
First time in Australia. Its height adjustable. Head and leg elevation. Has voice control. Can be set with a timer.

Now we just need someone to fund them 🙂



The R Word

The R Word gets thrown around all the time, and most of the time people don’t realise how it affects parents and carers with special needs children. We really need more awareness around how it makes us feel and any children who understand that the word is being used to criticise someone.

The word always makes me cringe and makes me upset and angry all at once, hearing it spoken or just seeing it in print.

This article is a great read:

My beautiful sons are why you need to stop using the word ‘retard’
ondine 1

How Variety Club has helped us

Just recently we have been funded some fantastic equipment through Variety Club, an iPad, and a Rockerski, which all have been a HUGE help in keeping Amara happy and calm. Which can be a hard task some days. without Variety club we would not be able to afford these items. I am forever grateful to them for their ongoing support 🙂

iPad arms/mounts to attach to any surface

Our lovely vision therapist from the RIDBC found this amazing iPad arm/mount for us a couple of years ago and we haven’t been able to use it as we only just received an iPad through the Variety program a few weeks ago.

I love this arm. it can be attached to most surfaces, wheelchairs, hi lo chairs, tables, and in the car to the headrest. It can be angled in any direction.

We can now try some switching iPad apps 🙂

IMG_9133 IMG_9134  IMG_9136

IMG_9138 IMG_9140 IMG_9141

DIY all terrain chair – make your own beach wheelchair!

I recently just trialled a beach wheelchair when on holidays up the coast.
I was so impressed with how smooth it was on the sand.

I came across this website on one of the FB pages last week and thought it would be a great idea for families who travel a lot or were very outdoorsy.
You can hire them at some beaches, but you should ring ahead to make sure its available, and they aren’t really suitable for younger kids or someone who needs more support.
You could use this kit to convert something more comfortable into your own beach wheelchair.

diy-all-terrain-chair-008 BWA-034-300x225