My favourite pieces of equipment from the ATSA Independent Living Expo Sydney

I went along to the ATSA Independent Living Expo Sydney and was really impressed by some of the new pieces of equipment I saw.

One of my Favourite suppliers, GTK rehab had a great big stand and some new things I love:
Now I really wanted one of these when I had my second baby as my daughter could not go into a standard stroller, it’s finally available, a Phil and Teds double stroller, the top part has all the great support you need: head support, pelvic support, lateral support. And underneath a snuggly spot for baby 🙂 The baby pod is removable.

A beach buggy of course! Who doesn’t love the ocean?

I love anything from Leckey!
This is my Favourite as my daughter uses it all day long, its great for side lying, tummy time and sitting.

This next stand really excited me as my daughter loves the swing! We had to get one shipped from America and its now not available anymore. These guys have a huge range of play equipment for special needs kids of all ranges.

The Tank 🙂

There were some cool trikes, the seat is moulded to your body shape.

Last but not least was the bed that turns you!!! – The Freedom bed
First time in Australia. Its height adjustable. Head and leg elevation. Has voice control. Can be set with a timer.

Now we just need someone to fund them 🙂



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