DIY all terrain chair – make your own beach wheelchair!

I recently just trialled a beach wheelchair when on holidays up the coast.
I was so impressed with how smooth it was on the sand.

I came across this website on one of the FB pages last week and thought it would be a great idea for families who travel a lot or were very outdoorsy.
You can hire them at some beaches, but you should ring ahead to make sure its available, and they aren’t really suitable for younger kids or someone who needs more support.
You could use this kit to convert something more comfortable into your own beach wheelchair.

diy-all-terrain-chair-008 BWA-034-300x225

New piece of equipment that excites me!! The Rockerski

My daughter has received a new piece of equipment that I have been wanting for a long time!
Variety Club were very generous to fund this for her.

My daughter cries a lot for hours and we have no idea why and the only things that soothe her are cuddles and rocking, but she is now 20kgs and I am only little so I can’t do this all day long. I spotted this in the Wonderland Rehab Catalogue and knew it would be perfect for her.

It’s great, fits most hi-lo chairs, wheelchairs and best of all, its portable. Amara does spend a bit of time in hospital and she is even more unsettled there, so this is perfect as we can throw it in the car and keep her happy when she’s there.

Anyone with a child who is unsettled a lot will LOVE this product.

Little sister has already started helping with the rocking 🙂

IMG_9116 IMG_9117

Cerebral Palsy Artist creates paintings with a typewriter!!

I saw this on FB a few times but never clicked on the article until a friend sent it to me.
Once I watched the video I was amazed at these intricate artworks that were created with a typewriting by Paul Smith who has Cerebral Palsy! It must take him days, weeks even to create these images and the patience he must have…

Watch the video to see how amazing he is!


Cerebral Palsy Misdiagnosed

I read this article yesterday and I am still gobsmacked about what happened to this woman!

She spent 30 years thinking she had Cerebral Palsy when she really had dopa-responsive dystonia (DRD), a rare muscle disorder that can be treated with one pill!!

She isn’t angry and doesn’t regret the surgery she had on her hips. My daughter had the same surgery when she was 2 years old and I remember the pain she went through and all I wanted to do was take it away for her. I am in awe of this woman, I know I would be angry and wanting to blame someone for the 30 years lost, but she doesn’t, she has no resentment or anger towards the doctor who made the mistake.

Read the article here:


NRMA holiday park, accessible holiday on behalf of the Starlight Foundation!

We were lucky enough to be given 5 days free accommodation through the Starlight Foundation and NRMA. It was a midweek stay just before Easter which was perfect as we missed the crowds 😊

We stayed at one of the NRMAS holiday parks, in Umina Beach, just near Gosford. 

The park is fantastic! There is so much to do for kids. There are jumping pillows, a water park, pools with a water slide and a playground, and you’re right on the beach.

The park is filled with duck, lorikeets and cockatoos which come and feed out of your hands.

There are many different types of accomodation to suit all types. We stayed in a villa that was accessible. The villa has an accessible bathroom. They provided us with a shower chair, and all the benches and light switches were situated at a lower height for wheelchairs. 

They also informed us when we checked in that they had a beach wheelchair we could use to take our daughter to the beach. We have never used one before. We have always struggled to get her down to the beach in the past and have just carried her, but she is getting to heavy for that. The beach wheelchair was so easy to push on the sand and once it hits water it floats!! We took her right out into the ocean. She loved the movement of the waves.

Right outside the park is a great accessible playground. I have included some photos of the equipment below. They had a merry go round that you could wheel your wheelchair onto, it was broken at the time unfortunately. They had signs at each station pictured below also, it was very well thought out.

We would like to thank the Starlight Foundation and NRMA for a great holiday, we would recommend the park to anyone looking for a seaside getaway 😊


Walking with Dinosaurs!!

The one good thing about my daughters medical conditions is the amazing things we get invited to. Last night was Walking with Dinosaurs @ Allphones Arena.

I was really excited for this show, maybe a bit more than the kids 🙂
A HUGE thank you to The Variety Club for the amazing complementary tickets. We really do get spoilt, thank you to Amara!
We were offered wheelchair seats which is great, and they had a great view.

The dinosaurs were amazing, the way they moved and the theatrics of the show just left me in awe of these majestic creatures. The dinosaurs are life size and the palaeontologist who narrated the show really did take you back to the dinosaur ages! It was very informative also, I learned a thing or two!

If you have kids, big or small I highly recommend going to see them, it is on till Sunday.

Dinosaurs 1 Dinosaurs 2 Dinosaurs 3 Dinosaurs 4 Dinosaurs 5 Dinosaurs 6

Childrens Silicon Medical Alert Bracelets – Affordable AUS supplier

A parent on a forum I am a member of posted her product she designed this morning. I love it!

They come in great colours, they are latex free and you can add which ever medical alert button is appropriate for your child. This is such a fantastic way to alert medical staff, teachers, day care workers, and anyone really! And all on the one band.
I really haven’t seen anything like this before on the market.

I have included a few images of the medical alert buttons, there are many more, so please go to the site and have a look.

They are very affordable and shipping is only $5 Australia wide.


Asthma-Alert Autism-Alert cerebral-palsy1 Dairy-Allergy-Alert Epilepsy-Alert Epi-Pen-Alert  Peanut-Allergy-Alert

Waterway Babies, hydrotherapy in your bathroom

I had to reblog this post I put up last year as I can’t express enough how much I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! my daughter has been using it now for 4 years and still loves it.


I was introduced to this pool and neck ring by a lovely friend. My daughter loves the water so much I jumped on the website and ordered it straight away.

My daughter loved the pool from day 1 and I have never seen her move so much! Her legs were kicking like crazy. This is the only neck ring we have found that will actually float your child and keep their head above water. So you can actually let go of them and they will feel so free.
My daughter has now outgrown it, but we still use the ring at the beach and pool.

See photos below of my little model 🙂

They ship fast from the US and if you need any help Nancy is fantastic



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Ozsale – Special Needs Wedgies on sale

My favourite sale site is selling the Special needs wedgies, I have blogged about them previously, but I love them so much I had to let you know they were on Ozsale. but be quick, they only have things on sale for a few days to a week.

They are shipped from the US, so might take a bit longer to get to you,