New piece of equipment that excites me!! The Rockerski

My daughter has received a new piece of equipment that I have been wanting for a long time!
Variety Club were very generous to fund this for her.

My daughter cries a lot for hours and we have no idea why and the only things that soothe her are cuddles and rocking, but she is now 20kgs and I am only little so I can’t do this all day long. I spotted this in the Wonderland Rehab Catalogue and knew it would be perfect for her.

It’s great, fits most hi-lo chairs, wheelchairs and best of all, its portable. Amara does spend a bit of time in hospital and she is even more unsettled there, so this is perfect as we can throw it in the car and keep her happy when she’s there.

Anyone with a child who is unsettled a lot will LOVE this product.

Little sister has already started helping with the rocking 🙂

IMG_9116 IMG_9117

Cerebral Palsy Artist creates paintings with a typewriter!!

I saw this on FB a few times but never clicked on the article until a friend sent it to me.
Once I watched the video I was amazed at these intricate artworks that were created with a typewriting by Paul Smith who has Cerebral Palsy! It must take him days, weeks even to create these images and the patience he must have…

Watch the video to see how amazing he is!


Cerebral Palsy Misdiagnosed

I read this article yesterday and I am still gobsmacked about what happened to this woman!

She spent 30 years thinking she had Cerebral Palsy when she really had dopa-responsive dystonia (DRD), a rare muscle disorder that can be treated with one pill!!

She isn’t angry and doesn’t regret the surgery she had on her hips. My daughter had the same surgery when she was 2 years old and I remember the pain she went through and all I wanted to do was take it away for her. I am in awe of this woman, I know I would be angry and wanting to blame someone for the 30 years lost, but she doesn’t, she has no resentment or anger towards the doctor who made the mistake.

Read the article here:


Jack’s Wheelchair song on the Wiggles

I have finally been sucked into the world of the Wiggles! My youngest daughter absolutely loves them. She knows all the moves and most of the words.

I have made sure I always point out other people and children in wheelchairs so she understands they are just like her sister and they are an important part of our community. She now sees a wheelchair and says “sister” 🙂

So when I first saw this clip on the wiggles “Jack’s wheelchair” I was over the moon!!

Jack Tori is a long-time fan of The Wiggles, and most recently Jack collaborated with The Wiggles to write the song “Jack’s Wheelchair Song” which features on our latest album “Wiggle House”. The song was written to help breakdown the stigma about being in a wheelchair. Jack has Cerebral Palsy just like my daughter.

you can buy it form iTunes here!/id860494864

you can watch a youtube clip here–Tkw

A mothers invention to help her child walk – Upsee

A friend posted this yesterday and I LOVE it! I am waiting to see if they will ship to Australia and if it will fit my big girl!
What a brilliant invention and hats off to the mother who has made this happen.

The Upsee allows infants and small children to stand and achieve repetitive walking training with the support of an adult.
It includes a harness for the child, which attaches to a belt worn by an adult, and specially-engineered sandals that allow the parent and child to step simultaneously, leaving their hands free for play and other tasks.

Read the full article here:

website to register: