A braille book library for children – Feelix library

I just got told about this service by my daughters speech therapist, the Feelix Library. They have “kits” you can borrow. Each kit contains the original picture storybook annotated with braille, an audio CD or DAISY recording of the story, some tactual aids to help the child enter the world of the story and a little handbook with tactile graphics so that children can tell the story to themselves or others.

The ‘Feelix Library’ for children is Vision Australia’s response to the need for very young children who are blind or have low vision, to have access to stories like their sighted peers. Parents and siblings can then share wonderful stories together with their child or sibling, and learn about braille. The echidna, called ‘Feelix’ is the symbol of the library, chosen because the echidna has poor vision with very good olfactory and tactual skills.

The name Feelix refers to the feeling of braille dots and the Feelix logo includes the words ‘I can feel the words’ in print and braille. Each child receives a small plastic echidna as their borrowing card – a tag is attached with their name and number brailled on it.

Library membership

Membership of the Feelix library is open to all young children who are blind or have low vision (aged 0-7years) living in the States and Territories where Vision Australia operates.

please see the link below for more details:


feelix-kit mum-and-child-reading

Gift Ideas for children with special needs

My daughters birthday has just passed, so I thought I would do a quick blog about ideal gifts for special needs children, this is very broad as each child is different, but might help as a guide. will do a more comprehensive one closer to Christmas.

Shoe Lace Board – great for fine motor skills


PhysioRoll – 30cm – great for balance and many other exercises



Hopper Ball – small [child] – great for balance again and just fun!


Half Sensory Dome – 16cm


Sand & Water Mill


Sensory Balls


Giant Top – great for balance


Disco Ball


Shopping trolley for special needs children

I have never been able to do the groceries with my daughter.
This great invention would make it possible! They really have thought of everything.
If only they had these in Australia

Watch the video for a full demonstration  http://videos.disabled-world.com/video/489/shopping-cart-for-special-needs


Feeding doll for peg fed children or siblings

My ever the inquisitive little daughter loves to play with her big sisters feeding tube and button.

So I thought why not make her a doll with her own peg she can play with.

So I used her favourite rag doll and sewed in a button/peg!

I also think this is a great idea for kids with buttons so they can have a doll just like themselves! Or for kids leading up to a Gastronomy, might help calm the nerves and they can see how it all works.