Wheelchair lego! 2 things that needed to be combined a long time ago

Lego has finally released its first wheelchair minifigure! I rejoice every time I see toys in the shop that recognise the disabled community as it helps our kids to not feel “different”.

Its all thanks to a petition which has more than 20,000 signatures.

Read the full article from ABC here:


Childrens Silicon Medical Alert Bracelets – Affordable AUS supplier

A parent on a forum I am a member of posted her product she designed this morning. I love it!

They come in great colours, they are latex free and you can add which ever medical alert button is appropriate for your child. This is such a fantastic way to alert medical staff, teachers, day care workers, and anyone really! And all on the one band.
I really haven’t seen anything like this before on the market.

I have included a few images of the medical alert buttons, there are many more, so please go to the site and have a look.

They are very affordable and shipping is only $5 Australia wide.



Asthma-Alert Autism-Alert cerebral-palsy1 Dairy-Allergy-Alert Epilepsy-Alert Epi-Pen-Alert  Peanut-Allergy-Alert


Amaras Starlight Wish

We have been lucky enough to be granted a starlight wish by the Starlight foundation for Amara! Amara loves the water, she is such a fish as it’s the only time she really feels relaxed and able to move freely, so we got to meet Evie the Dolphin at SeaWorld!
The staff at Seaworld were amazing, the trainer was very patient with us and waited till we got Amara in position for Evie to come and meet her 🙂 Was such a great experience for the whole family.

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Starlight also organised for us to visit 2 more theme parks in the Gold Coast, Wet n Wild and Dreamworld.

Wet n Wild was our next stop. She loved the wave pool. It wasn’t too rough but enough to get her senses going and make her smile 🙂

Next stop was Dreamworld where I was determined to get her on a ride! I must say the staff at Dreamworld were amazing. they have this policy that anyone can come to Dreamworld and have fun no matter what ability. When you first arrive you see guest services and they can do a ride assessment and tell you what rides are suitable. You also get given a pass to skip the queues and have a second turn on the rides 🙂
We managed to get Amara on the River Rapids and the Log Ride which she absolutely loved. It really made my day that she could experience a “rollercoaster ride”


IMG_8384 IMG_8442 IMG_8453

We flew Virgin Airlines who were amazing, as soon as they saw the wheelchair they came to help us. They even helped wheel our suitcases 🙂

A huge thank you to the Starlight Foundation for organising this trip for the whole family, they really went above and beyond to make the trip as smooth as possible and special.


Gift Ideas for children with special needs

My daughters birthday has just passed, so I thought I would do a quick blog about ideal gifts for special needs children, this is very broad as each child is different, but might help as a guide. will do a more comprehensive one closer to Christmas.

Shoe Lace Board – great for fine motor skills


PhysioRoll – 30cm – great for balance and many other exercises



Hopper Ball – small [child] – great for balance again and just fun!


Half Sensory Dome – 16cm


Sand & Water Mill


Sensory Balls


Giant Top – great for balance


Disco Ball


Swings to soothe the soul

We all love swings, big and small!
When my daughter is having a bad day – and lately she seems to be having quite a few :(…. rocking motion seems to be the only thing that settles her, but she’s almost 20kgs, so my arms can’t take it for more than 20 mins! So the swing is our best friend, here are some great options I found.

Mexican style hammock, you could put a tomato chair liner or a gotoseat to help a child set upright if they need more support. A much cheaper option than most of the special needs swings. and also if you’re renting its a portable option. I like it for rainy days as I can move it inside.




For a much more special option the Soothe-A-Matic XL Motorized Swing

Soothing Motorized Movement For Children And Adults

Helping folks enjoy life with proven sensory stimulation therapy
Six years in the making we have designed this piece of equipment for a wide variety of uses.
Comes standard with a Four Foot Cedar Porch Swing or our wonderful Hammock

Or choose from  these other swings.

  • Full Body JennSwing
  • Wheelchair Platform
  • Larger size for Bed or Hammock coming soon




A mothers invention to help her child walk – Upsee

A friend posted this yesterday and I LOVE it! I am waiting to see if they will ship to Australia and if it will fit my big girl!
What a brilliant invention and hats off to the mother who has made this happen.

The Upsee allows infants and small children to stand and achieve repetitive walking training with the support of an adult.
It includes a harness for the child, which attaches to a belt worn by an adult, and specially-engineered sandals that allow the parent and child to step simultaneously, leaving their hands free for play and other tasks.

Read the full article here:

website to register: http://www.fireflyfriends.com/



Shopping trolley for special needs children

I have never been able to do the groceries with my daughter.
This great invention would make it possible! They really have thought of everything.
If only they had these in Australia

Watch the video for a full demonstration  http://videos.disabled-world.com/video/489/shopping-cart-for-special-needs