Childrens Silicon Medical Alert Bracelets – Affordable AUS supplier

A parent on a forum I am a member of posted her product she designed this morning. I love it!

They come in great colours, they are latex free and you can add which ever medical alert button is appropriate for your child. This is such a fantastic way to alert medical staff, teachers, day care workers, and anyone really! And all on the one band.
I really haven’t seen anything like this before on the market.

I have included a few images of the medical alert buttons, there are many more, so please go to the site and have a look.

They are very affordable and shipping is only $5 Australia wide.


Asthma-Alert Autism-Alert cerebral-palsy1 Dairy-Allergy-Alert Epilepsy-Alert Epi-Pen-Alert  Peanut-Allergy-Alert

Ozsale – Special Needs Wedgies on sale

My favourite sale site is selling the Special needs wedgies, I have blogged about them previously, but I love them so much I had to let you know they were on Ozsale. but be quick, they only have things on sale for a few days to a week.

They are shipped from the US, so might take a bit longer to get to you,


No more bibs! Shirts that absorb the drool….

One of the most common problems I have heard from parents of special needs children is that they can’t get bibs big enough for older children, or they just don’t want them to wear one as it makes them look like babies.
I have the same problem, my daughter is now 6 and I make my own bibs, but they still make her look like a baby which is why I love this invention!
I am loving these parents who are taking matters into their own hands just like Richard Nachum Kligman and creating products that we desperately need.
These shirts are a great invention, quick drying, anti-odor and comfy!



Gift Ideas for children with special needs

My daughters birthday has just passed, so I thought I would do a quick blog about ideal gifts for special needs children, this is very broad as each child is different, but might help as a guide. will do a more comprehensive one closer to Christmas.

Shoe Lace Board – great for fine motor skills


PhysioRoll – 30cm – great for balance and many other exercises



Hopper Ball – small [child] – great for balance again and just fun!


Half Sensory Dome – 16cm


Sand & Water Mill


Sensory Balls


Giant Top – great for balance


Disco Ball


Shopping trolley for special needs children

I have never been able to do the groceries with my daughter.
This great invention would make it possible! They really have thought of everything.
If only they had these in Australia

Watch the video for a full demonstration